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    About the Book

    In Presidential Perks Gone Royal: Your Tax Dollars Are Being Used For Obama’s Re-Election, the author takes us on a disquieting tour through the many hidden indulgences that have accrued to the office of President of the United States. These privileges, which Gray terms “royal perks” because he believes they are literally “fit for a king,” cost the taxpayer billions of dollars annually—ironically far beyond what nations with royalty spend on their sovereign!

    In recent years these luxuries and privileges have grown totally out of control, Gray reveals. What makes this needless waste of precious taxpayer dollars even more intolerable, he maintains, is the undemocratic re-election advantage they give the seated President, in this case Barack Obama. For example, the President is able to privately appoint his own assistants and independent Czars who act as de-facto “Assistant Presidents,” report only to the President, and earn as much in some cases more than our elected officials. Among the most blatant perks is the President’s ability to mis-use Air Force One, Camp David and all the other benefits and trappings of the White House itself. Noblesse oblige benefits the President and his family are able to enjoy include the 24/7 availability of two projectionists, who regularly sleep in the White House in case the First Family wants to watch a movie; a highly paid dog walker always on call for the First Canine; the services of not one or two but five chefs on board Air Force One, and much more.

    Bob Gray leads you on a journey inside the White House as only he can. By the time you finish reading, you will be ready to storm the Bastille.